Monday, June 20, 2011

Current Obsession

Au revoir stuffy Victorians! Bring on the opulence and drama of the 18th century! Okay, so maybe "stuffy" wasn't very nice. Some of those Victorians were pretty darn cool. But still... I am excited about my current obsession with historical fashion. 
Photo by Annie Leibovitz for US Vogue September
I have always been drawn to the lines, colors, and everything about the fashion from this century. It's just so... feminine! (And decadent!) Long has the 18th century been my favorite time period but my designs keep getting pushed back because I've never really had an excuse to wear them. (I am a Civil War reenactor, after all.) Well, I'm making an excuse: just because!

I will now embark on my most ambitious project yet. But to do so I will have to start from scratch since I know next to nothing about fashion from this period. I will need:

~ Research. Lots and lots of research.
~ Foundations. Can't have a gown without the proper undergarments now can we?
~ Gown.
~ Accessories. Because in the words of my best friend, Audrey, "Accessories make the outfit."
~ Fabulously, nay outrageously, large hair!
~ Footwear

Oh man, this is gonna be so much fun!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hello, and welcome to the new and improved Diary of an Overly Ambitious Costumer! This blog will be an attempt to get back into the realm of historical costuming. I am endeavoring to make this a resource for aspiring costumers. This will never be 100% accurate. I have too much to learn myself for that ever to happen. But, I hope it will encourage those of you who feel you don't know enough to take the plunge and finally make that gorgeous gown you have been dreaming about. I am self taught. And if I can put together a well researched mid-Victorian dress that doesn't fall apart on the ballroom dance floor, then you can too!